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Estate Administration

After your loved one passes away, you may need to initiate the probate process or trust administration.

Choosing the Right Process:
If your loved one had a living trust, then you will likely only have to go through trust administration, as long as your loved one's assets were titled in the living trust.  If your loved one had assets over $150,000.00 outside of the living trust, then probate may still be necessary.  Depending on the type of assets that are left outside of the trust, there may be solutions to get those assets into the trust. 

If your loved one had a will or nothing at all, you will likely have to go through the probate process.  There are some instances, in which you may not need to go through probate.  If your loved one's gross estate is valued less than $150,000.00, you may not need to undergo the full probate process.  If your loved one is your spouse and everything was going to be left to you, you may only need to file a spousal petition. 


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