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Not All About Death & Assets

Illness and Accidents Don't Discriminate Based On Age
An important part of an estate plan are those vehicles that give others the authority to speak on your behalf if you cannot do so.  Those vehicles are the Durable Power of Attorney and the Advance Health Care Directive.   

Lately, I've been asked to assist families in last minute planning because of sudden illness or unexpected injuries because the successor agents have either passed away, moved, or cannot handle the obligation. Luckily, the people that I have helped were still lucid enough and had the mental capacity to execute these last minute updates.    But not everyone is so lucky.  I just  received a call from someone regarding his mom's plan, but cannot be of assistance because she now has alzheimer's disease.  

Tragedy, accidents, and illness does not discriminate based on age.  The bare minimum anyone should have is the durable power of attorney and advance health care directive if they care about who will make important decisions on their behalf.


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